April 18, 2011
I asked my friend why i could give up hope if i knew nothing would happen. Here"s what she said"
"What if Shakespeare gave up when he didn't get published?"
"What if Rosa Parks gave up her seat on the bus?"
"What if Abraham Lincoln decided he didn't wanna free the slaves?"
"What if Martin Luther King Jr. had said 'The white man wanna be stubborn, i will be too!'?"
"What if Harriet Tubman got across the underground railroad and decided she wasn't going back?"
"What if Jackie Robinson had said "The Yankees don't want me, i don't want them'?"
"What if Ray Charles said "I'm blind, i cant play the piano!'?"
"What if Babe Ruth stopped at home run number 50?"
"What if-----?"
"I get it!" I said.
"Don't give up. You never know what will happen."
"Exactly!" She grinned.

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