The Facebook Poem

April 11, 2011
By ledycrem GOLD, Springfield, Virginia
ledycrem GOLD, Springfield, Virginia
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I am waiting for the gray circle to turn green

I see that you’re not online yet

Suddenly, I hear that beep sound that remind me of you

It says that I have a Facebook message from…

Who? Not you.

But you are online.

Should I start the chat?

No, that will make you think that I’m too pushy

Then I see the green circle turn into a dialogue balloon


The beep and the sound of my keyboard while I type

Makes a wonderful harmony.

I just wish that there would be a topic generator

Because I just hate it when I don’t have anything to talk about.

I am afraid that the green circle will turn into

A crescent moon.


I have more confidence when I tell you things on chat

We had lots of LOLs and smiley emoticons

I can be the angel and you can be the devil

We also have some sharks, penguins, and random heads

Bun when you type LOL, are you really laughing?

Because I am.

We are officially Farmtown addicts.

From taking care of horses and bunnies to plowing each other’s farms,

We are farm buddies

I can even cook you something good at the Cafe World

But when midnight comes in, I always say

“Goodnight neighbor!”

Actually, I’m not off yet

But you are no longer online

I am still typing up a message that you will not see

I don’t want to send it through message

I don’t want you to know about it.

Sometimes I just feel a little jealous

When you are talking to someone Wall to Wall

There is a wall between us

I tried to poke you, but it didn’t work

I tried to come up with a cool status

That is worthy of your attention

There, I already shared it, hoping that it would show on your News Feed.

Then, I got a notification saying that you liked my status

Seriously, I would never write a

We-should-have-a-dislike-button petition to Facebook

Because I already know who I want to click that like button to.

Did you see your homepage yet?

It’s your birthday!

I gave you a virtual dog as a gift.

I even invited you to a concert.

Yes, we are confirmed guests

We are attending this event.

And even if you are not the star of that concert,

You are a star to me

I am your biggest Facebook fan.

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