Snow Falling on Souls

April 12, 2011
By lost_soul BRONZE, Gothenburg, Nebraska
lost_soul BRONZE, Gothenburg, Nebraska
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Snow falling down
Collecting light from all around
Shining with its own personal glow
Just like the birth of a new soul
Coming into the world so pure and white
Mirroring the personality of fresh snow sparkling in the night
But as the snow touches the grounds cold dark face
It grows dark from the grimy embrace
Being smothered with dirt and waste
As does the mimicking soul
Feeling the impact of the fall onto this hellish place
It grows dark like the snow
Not realizing till it’s too late
That the dark tint never leaves
Nor does the pain
Nor does the hate
It never descends
Never glows as bright
Just gets covered up with new snow
Being forgotten
Loosing its light
Being suffocated
Stuck to the cold surface of the ground
Forever loosing the only chance it had to be found
No one can ever prevent
The snow from falling into its first and last decent
All pure souls are lost
All snow hits the ground
And now you finally look up and realize
Your soul has also been forgotten under piles of snow
Never to be found

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