April 8, 2011
By Mayforever6 BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
Mayforever6 BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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Everything you say will come back to you, like if you climb to the top of a mountain an yell 'YOUR UGLY' you will hear a voice ecoing back 'YOUR UGLY' but if you yell 'YOUR AMAZING' you will hear that voice saying your amazing.

I still savor every world you speak to me
Still look at you every second I can
Look at you like you’re a god
As if you can tread water
You still have enough of my heart to tear it apart
Enough of me to take me down
I still think of you
Still dream of US
But you’re over it
And I’m still holding on
Wish I could tell how I feel
But that would make things awkward
I am not okay with what we are now
What we were
What we are going to be
But I will learn to accept it
We can never be more than what we are now
Not in the future
Not in the past
I am going to have to look over the horizon
And move on

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