A Lavender Flower

April 8, 2011
By TheQuietAbove SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
TheQuietAbove SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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A lavender flower sways by side; never to leave
until my time has come. My lavender flower
has magic inside its heart, no one to take it
But God himself. Lavender flowers blossom in
the sunlight on a springtime day; but sing
their songs to the whispering moon
on a lonely summer night. My lavender flower,
I always trust; never to leave its side (even if
it is dust).The butterflies sing just to get
near the soft heart of a warm lavender flower
on an autumn-filled day. Every lavender
Flower knows it unique place in this
Beautiful, but confusing place. Some sing
with angelic butterflies, while some
watch over the life of this Earth’s realistic
Nature cycle. I wish to be like a
Lavender flower, protecting its secret like
it is hidden in a jar (only telling to those
Afar). A life of a lavender flower
May seem small, but if you look a little closer
As the clock strikes 12, you will see
There own world of peace and happiness

(Unlike this world, which is full of
Hate). But, you shall never tell, let it
Remain as a fairy tale, to those
who are bad and ugly, because those
who are gifted will be granted
this incredible gift. But, for those
who are gifted and tell, will pay
the ultimate price and spend their
Lives in well (or a horrible cell).

The author's comments:
When I was riding my bike around my neighborhood, I noticed a garden of lavender flowers in my neighbor's front yard, and that was the thing that inspired me to write this poem.

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