From the Beginning

April 8, 2011
You were there from the start, since day one.
You gave me the butterflies every girl hopes to get.
You became my best friend <3
The one who called, made me laugh; the one my mother loved.
We both wanted more, but knew it couldn't happen.
We were young and nieve, me not aloud to date.
You waited for me, as long as you possibly could, but the time comes that one must move on.
We went out separate ways and by the time i could have you, you were gone.

But, I was wrong.
i thought you left, went with her.
But we got another chance.
Another chance at life, chance at love.
It's just us again back to where we started.
One boy, One girl.
Totally in love but scared to tell the other in worry that the feeling wouldn't be returned.

The day came,
feeling burst out like a can of worms.
Can't you see it's meant to be?
What's stopping us?
What's stopping you?
Please explain, I don't understand.

Our lives could be perfect.
Can't you see?

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