Shattered Girl

April 8, 2011
By veronicacoltsfan3 BRONZE, Riverdale, Utah
veronicacoltsfan3 BRONZE, Riverdale, Utah
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Under all this make-up of mine
There is a girl who is empty and lonely on the inside
She is heartbroken
She hurts
She's in despair
She has no friends
She has no one
All her memories have faded and it's just the frost on the window she looks out of all day searching for something to make her emptiness and heartbreak go away
I don't want to miss my future
I'm just stuck in the present
Will my future though look as it is right now?
My make-up hides all my ugliness and everything I'm hiding underneath
I stare out this same window everyday hoping one day I'll feel different and not empty
Today when I look out the window it's raining
Raindrops slide down the cold glass
My tears are sliding down as well
The next day...there is no girl looking out the window
Her body has no warmth or heart beat
She's gone
I've realized looking out this window never helped
Never brought me love or took my emptiness away
I'm dead and I deserve to be
All I've done is disappeared from the window
There's now no girl looking out crying and drawing pictures with her finger on the frost of the glass
It's just a window no one will look out of ever again
No light comes from that window anymore
It's just dark
I was just a girl under make-up who would be seen as invisible
No need to worry about me
I'm dead and that's how it should have been all along

The author's comments:
A girl can hide anything under herself without anyone knowing who she really is. Keeping everything hidden under her skin.

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