How Could He...How Could I

April 8, 2011
By veronicacoltsfan3 BRONZE, Riverdale, Utah
veronicacoltsfan3 BRONZE, Riverdale, Utah
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Why'd he have to go and break my heart
I thought the two of us would never be apart
You made me the happiest girl in the world
I thought I felt special...
Until I found out and knew you played me
All you did was use me
I can't believe I looked into your eyes and never saw what was really hidden behind them
I fell for everything
You tempted me always for something
I was so stupid to not see who you really were
I was stupid to do what we did
I thought you were different from any other guy
I can't believe I fell for you
And now your memories and the things we did are going to be living inside me forever
You won't ever understand how I feel
I cry and cry and cry
I don't even have the strength to try
All this was, was a hello and a goodbye
That period of love between us went by in a flash
The only thing I feel like now is just trash
So many people have been hurting me
You are just like them
You didn't care for me at all
All you wanted was something from me
I am never making a mistake like this ever again
Do you really feel like a man by pushing me around
You know all that did was me getting pushed to the ground
I hope to never see or talk to you again
So then I don't ever have to remember the time when...

The author's comments:
This is about a real relationship I had and it broke my heart severely. I hope girls will understand that you have to be careful with the guy you choose.

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