The Will of Man

April 8, 2011
By Anonymous

What defines man?
His environment or what he does in it?
What has the power?
Can man in all his ability create his own destiny?
Or is his destiny subject to the whim of nature?

A city lies on a river.
A big city, a bright city.
A city built by many men over much time.
A great achievement of man.

A bolt of lightning flashes from the sky.
A big bolt, a bright bolt.
A bolt created by random movements in an unpredicted storm.
A force of nature.

The bolt destroys buildings,
Shuts of power,
Starts fires,
Injures many.
The bolt overpowers the great achievement of man.

The storm passes and the buildings are repaired,
The power is restored,
The fires are put out,
And men get back on their feet, dust themselves off, and continue on.
The will of man outlasts the forces of nature.

What defines man?
It is not his environment or his achievement.
It is how he achieves.
It is his will.
The will of man.

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