Two hearts diverged in a love triangle road

April 7, 2011
By KayleeHope GOLD, Jasper, Georgia
KayleeHope GOLD, Jasper, Georgia
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Love is like a stray dog. Everywhere you go there are people wanting it, looking for it, or wishing they had it back.

I'm up and its way past midnight
I've been thinking, something doesn't feel right
I keep feeling like something's up
Just wait around, you'll see I'm not that tough
I cry, and I let loose when I'm not anywhere near you
Because I'm too scared of what would happen if you knew
That your sweet little girlfriend called me last night
She was drunk and hanging on another guy
I'll never tell because I'm just the best girl friend
The one you laugh and cry on the phone with
She'll never know who you really are
Because all you are to her is a dude with a car
You talk about her constantly
And I act like I'm happy
When the truth is that I'm just the opposite
I keep dwelling on how hurt you're gonna get
It's gonna kill me
But you'll see
That its better you find out for yourself
Because I'd really like to tell you now
Believe that I want to I just don't know how
I'm looking for a sign of weakness
But I know exactly what I'm dealing with
Because the same thing happened to me
And she's the one that was all over him

The author's comments:
I love my best friend. He has a girlfriend. It hurts.
Love, Love, Love,

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