April 1, 2011
By ReeVillaruel BRONZE, Manila, Other
ReeVillaruel BRONZE, Manila, Other
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Do you start your day
with the sun shrilling across the horizon
and end it
with the sun crawling back to its crypt?

Bit by bit,
as you fulfill your everyday crafts,
the sun perfectly slides through the landscapes.
It is there, with you.
But do you like it?

And have you noticed
how nights can be so faultlessly still --
you lie down tired from the world’s
insane routine,
close your eyes and
intertwine your fingers at the
back of your head,
and you think of all the things in life
that have their way of verging upon
the very frames of your being,
and then you hear the crickets chirping,
or if not,
you hear the barking dogs
slowly spiriting the roads away from the deafening honking of cars?
Are they not in perfect timing?

But what if such noise
is what relaxes your heart?
What if you want the heat of the sunlight
warming your face as you sleep at night?

Do you like this world
because they said it’s beautiful?
Or do you feel,
even when you take away
all the things you’ve unearthed,
and leave yourself empty,
that it is your home?

What happens to your choices,
when you get too amazed by beauty?

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