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April 2, 2011
By Korina BRONZE, Garden Grove, California
Korina BRONZE, Garden Grove, California
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My mom says my hair color is prettier than the color in hair dye bottles. My hair is not short, but not too long. My hair is as thin as paper. I personally would have preferred thick hair, but I enjoy having a different type of hair then everyone else in my family. My hair is very lazy most of the time because every time I try to curl it, the curls come out and my hair returns to its natural straight self.

My friend says my hair is pretty because though it’s straight, it still has a nice wave to it. My older sisters have hair as dark as night. However my younger siblings have blonde hair like a Golden Retriever. My mom and two of my other sisters have wavy hair that dances gracefully in the wind. My little sister, Jessica, has hair like springs. If you tug on one of her curls it pops right back up. My hair is wavy yet straight. When it all comes down to it, I love my hair because it just makes me, me!

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