World of Ears

April 1, 2011
By christoperson SILVER, Spokane, Washington
christoperson SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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I’ll listen to you.
To what you have to say.
To what you hold dear in your
Hidden coves and splits in the cliffs of your brain.
The words you try to cover up.
Everything you felt like you couldn’t let go.
They wouldn’t understand.
They couldn’t ever know.
But you know,
You are surely safe with me.
Your thoughts.
They are, too.
If you will,
Slice apart your chest.
I’ll make sure to keep your heart warm.
During all of the snowy words
And frost-bitten conversations.
My ears will remain open.
No matter what it is.
I’ll do my best to understand.
Tasting your words,
I’ll feel them on my skin.
And I’ll feel them.
Bang on my drums.
Like a symphony.
I can be here,
Whenever you need me.
So please,
If you don’t mind,
Feel free.
And alive.
Inside my world of ears.

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