You Can Make A Difference

April 1, 2011
By Anonymous

I come to a cross way in my life, to turn left or right, the good or the bad.
Then I realize, you can’t have one without the other, because you learn from your bad which is good, but your good can be turned into bad just the same.I like to think this world was made in pairs the bad and the good, just like a girl and a guy, it just life. It’s in yourself, the choices you make that will determine the future of your life, but also the life of others. I used to be that bad kid that nobody liked, due the fact of my bad choices, I’m writing this today to not just tell you, but to show you there’s more to life than just doing bad, because in every bad, you can learn from your mistakes it’s just in you to decided what will you do to change not just you, but to help others and change them self, the lost and the broken. I want to strive to help not just me, but people just like me the people who feel trapped in a world with no way out, and this is why I will do good for the future of people just like me, to show them you can do what you desire if you just believe in others but especially believe in yourself.

The author's comments:
You can always change if you choose to.

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