March 17, 2011
By horsemasterk94 BRONZE, Fowlerville, Michigan
horsemasterk94 BRONZE, Fowlerville, Michigan
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I hate this feeling.
Its taking over me.
I don’t know how to approach it.
I certainly can’t control it.
Its distracting,
Always there.
The next step is ready,
Its all laid out.
That’s how it goes,
But really whats next?
Deprived of information,
Lack of concentration.
Not at all.
Relief has yet to find me.
Just a joke,
Maybe an overreaction.
You decide my fate.
I can’t give these answers,
No wonder were looking.
It still continues,
Will it ever end.
Sitting here waiting,
Wondering what to do.
We give you time,
Just do the same.
I’m quite sick of playing this game.
No will to fight,
Just wanting to end.
Its not worth it so lets not pretend.
Just let it go,
Will start it over.
Take it back like there never was.
Go back to normal.
Its Just a thought.
Will that fix things,
Probably not…
I can try,
Avoid the truth.
Good for me,
I like that way.
Nothing solved,
Were back at the start.
Although sometimes I think that’s the best part.

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