Wishing On a Shooting Star

April 5, 2011
By MaggieMontalto BRONZE, Burlington, New Jersey
MaggieMontalto BRONZE, Burlington, New Jersey
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We look into the sky to find the shining star,
that, in the darkness shoots across the sky.
We close our eyes and make our wishes,
hoping they comes true.
Optimistic expectations.

Some wish for things that won't come true.
We try, anyway.
Hope fills our hearts.
Waiting for our dreams,
we can't predict what will happen.

I look into the star filled sky,
I spy the star to make my wish.
Eyes closed,

I wish happiness to those without it.
I wish to live life to it's fullest.
I wish to have no regrets.

The star is like a pen on a blank page.
The start.
We don't know where it's going,
or when it will return.

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