Time to Build a Snowman

April 7, 2011
By Derek Hebert BRONZE, Upton, Massachusetts
Derek Hebert BRONZE, Upton, Massachusetts
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I wake up and look out my window
Beyond me is an amazing world filled with snow
I climb down the stairs
And make myself a cup of hot cocoa

I glace outside again
The snow looks heavy and wet
I’m ready to make a snowman
And this year I haven’t made one yet

I feel the excitement fill me
I gear up and get ready to go
I head for the front door
But my dad stops me and say “whoa”

So now I have to shovel
Shoveling is such a bore
I just want to make a snowman
I need a savior

All of a sudden
My brother comes out
He’ll finish so I head over to a hill
But I’m already worn-out

I grab a handful of snow
It’s too light and dry
I couldn’t make a snowman today
But at least I gave it a try

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