April 7, 2011
I am standing on the beach in Maine
In my pink flip flops and my dad’s
Big white T-shirt, cool sand beneath my feet and
The chilly morning breeze ruffling my hair
I remember looking out on the ocean, smelling the saltwater
And wondering how anything could possibly be that big,
Stretching on and on beyond the red horizon.
I remember how warm it felt when the sun finally rose
Out over the ocean water, I could feel the heat on my face,
Even though my eyes were closed. As I walked back to our
Beach-front hotel with my dad, I looked at all the colorful
Little shops lining the boardwalk, still with the windows closed
And dark inside, too early for opening time. I looked back one
Last time at the beach, dimly lit by the red morning sun, the green
Waves crashing against the sandy shore, the seagulls flying around
And I smiled.

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