He Could Be Justin Bieber

April 1, 2011
By morethanunusual BRONZE, Metuchen, New Jersey
morethanunusual BRONZE, Metuchen, New Jersey
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my friend Joey
could be Justin Bieber
if he were to
dye his a shade darker
wear brown contacts
sing falsetto
be 17 and look 12
act cocky
wear purple
have bling
be girly
go to Hollywood
get smothered by an adoring ½ the population
disgust the other half
make friends with famous rappers
star in a music video where everyone danced awesome except him
sell his hair clippings for thousands of dollars
be in the news every 10 minutes
and be a general supah stah
he could be Justin Bieber
but if he did
i wouldn’t know him
and he would not be my friend.

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