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April 24, 2011
By BriMarie GOLD, San Tan Valley, Arizona
BriMarie GOLD, San Tan Valley, Arizona
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she was so young and beautiful,
grew up so sweet.
but now she's older,
with a devilish sleet.
she had many friends,
everyone loved her.
but when she got older,
it was like no other.
her face so small with such big eyes.
personality constantly changing,
with the color of her eyes.
a freckle upon her nose so dark,
she still has that beauty mark.
her family still sees that little girl,
but she doesn't see the resemblance at all.
her cheeks so big and round,
like golf balls upon her face.
she wears a big smile which makes them bigger,
and her big dazzling eyes look so small,
as if the sun was blinding her.
she only wishes to be that small little girl,
so she can change all the things she messed up.
after so long,
her friends hate her.
after so many years,
she hates herself.
after so long,
she wants to date,
but realizes she dumped the only other guy that will ever like her.
she notices all her mistakes,
and wishes to undo them.
shes a very poetic girl,
with many talents hidden inside.
but what she despises most,
is everyone judges from the outside.

The author's comments:
after my reading teacher read this she cried and said that i should become a writer.but I'm not sure if I'm worthy yet.. I'm only in 8th grade.

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