Stupid Girl

April 6, 2011
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I’m screaming at you “Why Me?”
I’m not as strong as I appear
I’m hiding behind an expressionless face
But inside I’m in agony
Stupid Girl
I’m breaking down but know I must never show it
I’m trying to hide the fear that’s sweeping over me
I’m focusing on keeping my voice steady
But I know your secretly crave weakness
Stupid Girl
I’m remembering that you told me I would never be broken
I’m kicking myself for feeling safe and letting my guard down
I’m trying to overcome this test
But it’s hard to breath under this pressure
Stupid Girl
I’m regretting how tight I held on
I’m asking myself if you wanted me to fail
I’m trying to stand before you see how far I have fallen
But the closer I get the more I burn
Stupid Girl
I’m looking up at you now
I’m desperate for your embrace
I’m whispering to you “Why Me?”

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BeautifulSkye said...
May 4, 2011 at 11:00 am

i can strongly relate... i know how hard it is to hold back your tears when all you want to do is cry and scream and yell because you give your all to someone and they just throw it away


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