March 31, 2011
By , Waterford, Ireland

There once lived a girl called
Who had a great imagination,
But it wasn't merry.

She had Asperger's syndrome
That was mild,
But dreams of being the female
Oscar Wilde.

Claire doesn't mind living above a mall,
But would rather live with bats and crows,
In Loftus Hall.

There she can go through writer's block,
While listening to the screams of the
Old grandfather's clock.

Claire's nice to all the teachers,
But would rather have them tortured
By satanic creatures.
She likes to experiment different spells,
In the hope of sending all the bullies
Straight to Hell.

One night, after reading one of her potions,
She felt insane and began drowning in her own emotions.
To calm herself down,
She read a piece by Edger Allan Poe,
Where happiness spread through her body,
Including her toes.

But the happiness did not last,
For she had an insanity episode that
Conquered her mind so fast.
She reached for the door,
Hoping to escape her craziness,
But fell to the floor, where she
Will remain forever more.

- 29 November 2009

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