the moon and coma patients

March 29, 2011
[no, not this time…]
i can't feel the pitter-patter
of our beats.

1, 2, 3

[there we go]
i see your confusion.
how did we end up facing
each other like this?
no, not in a car wreck
or in an accidental slip.
just a careless fall that set
you under my view.

1, 2, 3

[don't be confused]
no, i don't think the moon is the
Goddess of Truth.
you weren't my first kiss or my first.
and i didn't fall in love with board games
'til i met you…

1, 2, 3

i want so many things in
this short life.
maybe the Goddess of Truth
will show me what's necessary.
but i doubt it. she can't do that.
she is stuck in an eternally
black universe waiting
for her own lover to return
from his slumber.

maybe that's why you
compared me to her so




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