March 31, 2011
By Autumnfox BRONZE, Kennebunk, Maine
Autumnfox BRONZE, Kennebunk, Maine
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School is a horrible place.
School is not the place to show your opinions or beliefs
School is not the place to be who you are
To not even let your true self shine out the cracks of your eyes
Showing who you are puts yourself in danger
Like an injured deer staring at the wolf

School is very hypocritical
Lots of
“We’re here to support you”
“We make sure your safe”
School is never safe
It’s more like a prison I’d say

Rumors are like bullets when they hit you
People who attack about those rumors are like bombs
Your “Friends” are like surprise mustard gas attacks

School is full of:
Idiots who think they’re smarter than the teacher
Preacher no listens to
The only smart one are always silenced by the idiots
And slackers who dragged their feet to just go by everyday
I am a slacker
I just watch the clock to get the day over with
Just complete assignments to barely make C’s or B’s
I’ve lost motivation to try and make a difference
I used to be an idiot
but I found what it meant to to really be intelligent in school
to keep your head down and not say anything
to not provoke others
to not let emotions run out of you
express yourself in pictures and words on paper
never say anything you believe out loud
keep a good bunch of trusty allies
stay away from cheap sellouts
Never become anyone’s toy
And Never expect or Hope for a better tomorrow
Those Are my school survival rules

The author's comments:
I hope some people can relate to this

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