The Sun is Gone

March 31, 2011
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Why did you leave us? It wasn’t your time
You had a life ahead of you, people to love
Memories to make and smiles to share, now you’re gone
You shouldn’t have left us when you did
They cry, you know? Everyone did, just thinking of your smiles and laughter,
A beautiful girl sobbed, all through the lines, the pictures, songs and memories of you
I cried, mom cried, dad cried, we all cry for you
You were so young and so full of life
You had a family, love and respect
We miss you, we can never forget you, our children will know you
When I saw the sunset I said, There he is, there’s our boy, he’s waiting
For us, smilin' that crooked grin, laughin' at our troubles
When you smiled you lit up the world, like the sun
On a dark afternoon, Why? Why? Why were you
Called? We need you, we miss you, You didn’t have to go, so soon, too soon
Now I think of what you’ll miss, who won’t know you
Who wont laugh with you, you shouldnt’ve gone
It wasn’t your time, not yet, not now, we are lost,
Don’t know what to do without you
Why? Why?! Why……..

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