Thank You

March 28, 2011
Thank You for holding my hand
Weaving into the parts of my life
Even when I couldn't see you
I know you're here, now
I could hear Your voice
In the silent reply to my pleas then
As I hear Your voice
Stirring peace within me now
Thank You,
For putting everyone in my life
The people that make me smile
The people that make me hurt
Guide me through this journey
My life's but a story
In an endless sea of others
Help me make my pages come alive
Give breath to the weary
Sight to hardened hearts
Inspiration to those being tried
Thank You,
For that promise You gave
Unspoken, in the blood
The pool of sins
From Your hands and feet
As real now as it was then
On that cross You gave us life

Thank You Lord.

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