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March 25, 2011
By Mariah Randell BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
Mariah Randell BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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The lights drop to a foggy blue glow
as the crowds' murmurs grow to screams.
The silhouettes bloom like flowers
as the vibrations of their tuning notes

through your body

your body
your body is electric.
Single notes fuse into a familiar melody
and you feel your lips awaiting the first word.

You are in tune,
in tune,
in tune
to the bodies,
to the players,
to the instruments.
You feel untouchable
you feel
you feel calm.
Eyes close
as soundwaves penetrate your heart.
You look up, searching for cool air
amongst the tightly packed crowd.
The lights hit your face
the lights
the lights.

You breathe.

The author's comments:
This poem is based off of a concert I attended this summer. I was hoping to convey the feeling of being untouchable.

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