March 25, 2011
Her reflection is a picture of disappointment,
angel kisses spread among her broken face.
She looks straight at herself
opening her tired eyes, to reveal a chocolate, amber color.
Her smile is so reassuring
but beside the image shown
are the tears hidden.
Her ribs take away the attention
from her slight, smooth curves.
Her breasts are high and even proportionate to her body.
Her finger tips lye again he thighs as she observes the person staring back at her.
So long has she lied to herself
denying self-respect
For so long has she let so many take advantage of what God has given her.
Others do not understand the regret that haunts her
the pain she feels everytime she looks at herself in the mirrior
She was once so innocent, but her innocence has faded into the winds of memory.
How could one so young expose herself over and over again without rethinking the situations or consiquences ahead of her actions.
How could I have been so foolish
to let myself slip away?

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