March 24, 2011
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Falling for you,
I have been for almost a year,
Fallen for you,
That day is finally here.
Every time we talk,
My love for you deepens,
My trust in you grows.
As well as my fondness of you,
And my ache to be with you every possible second.
When I'm with you,
There's not just sparks,
It's more like an ever flowing current,
Of electricity.
Everytime we touch I feel its power.
We have this connection,
That you described perfectly,
"Indescribably amazing",
You said it should be,
And it is,
Very much so.
When you hold me in your arms,
I don't want you to let me go.
I'd be perfectly content,
Ecstatic even,
To just sit there with you.
In your arms I feel so safe and secure,
And I feel sure,
That nothing could go wrong.
I think about you all the time,
And almost every love song reminds me of you,
In some way or another.
Everyday things and words remind me of our long conversations,
And everytime that happens,
I smile, alot.
I love everything about you,
You are such an amazing and wonderful person.
Sometimes when I think of you my only thought is,
"Wow, I have such an amazing boyfriend."
I've never really found the time to tell you this,
But one of the things I love most about you is your strength.
You have been through so much,
Yet you are still one of the happiest people I know.
That and you're not scared to show how you feel about me,
No matter who's around,
Which makes me very happy.
We have this awesome connecton,
That's like nothing either of us has ever felt,
And I for one,
Am loving every minute

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