stolen heart

March 31, 2011
my heart weighs 200 pounds
you cannot see
and I wouldn't tell you
until now
there's a stake
a stake so large
its unbearable
so uncomfortable
I cannot tell my mind
to take my thoughts off….
I have a stake in my heart
that makes me think
is this worth it?
is it worth the pain?
my 200 pound heart says yes, of course!
but the stake says no,
you are a vine
and she is a tree
you need her
shes your support
but she don't need you
I have a stake in my heart
and I don't know if it's worth it
my heart says yes
but my pain says no
this pain
this pain is worse than
when Erin separated from me
these feelings are
they are 10 times more than what I ever had
and now
it's tearing me apart
whenever I see you
my heart swells and beats faster
but at the same time
the stake twists
your just a vine….
your just a vine….
I try to ignore it but it gets the best of me
am I just a vine?
I have a 200 pound heart
and all of it is to You
because I cannot survive without you
so I'm stuck
taking the pain and biting my lip
holding that stake
so it doesn't twist
will it ever stop?

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