That Girl I See

March 31, 2011
That girl I see,
the one who never looks at me.
The one that they all say is cute,
the one that always makes me mute.
The one that has a smile,
that seems to go on for a mile.
The one with those deep brown eyes,
that rarely tell lies.
The one with that beautiful face,
that makes my heart quicken its pace.
The one who treats me as a friend,
the one whose wounds I wish to mend.
The one who is never sad,
nor distressed or even mad.
The girl I wish to know,
but my feelings toward her I never show.
I wish to hold her in my arms,
to enchant her with my charms.
Lonely she will not be,
whenever she's with me.
I just want her so bad,
it really makes me kind of mad.
i just want to make her happy,
even though it sounds kind of sappy.
Oh, to hold that girl I see,
the one who never looks at me.

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CrystalMarie said...
May 9, 2011 at 9:09 am
Wow this is  really good!
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