The Joining of Life

March 30, 2011
By McKenzie Jones BRONZE, Judsonia, Arkansas
McKenzie Jones BRONZE, Judsonia, Arkansas
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In the darkness of night,
It takes flight. The unknown light.
It lands on my windowsill, and drops a tear.
The unknown light is in fact a fairy,
Who is sad and a little bit teary.
For why is it sad, I wonder.
For she lost all her fairy friends.
She has forgotten she is a fairy,
The world is hers to explore.
The plants, animals, and elements.
They talk to her she talks to them.
She has their world at her fingertips.
I tell her this and she thanks me.
She flies off in a flurry to ask for the others...
Ten days later I see a feather,
Lying on my windowsill.
I see a glow along the pane,
The window lifts up to reveal a flame.
The others had run off to escape their fear of earthly things...
But now the forces join in celebration,
For a new generation has been born!

The author's comments:
This is actually just a random piece. I was in a fairy mood. But it did inspire a song my friend wrote.

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