One and the same

March 30, 2011
By Ravenclaw34 SILVER, Park City, Utah
Ravenclaw34 SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Masters of war
Masters of deciet
Masters of robbing your people

You left them gasping for breath and lying in the streets spare a coin spare a coin
You left them with no other choice as everything grew smaller around them shrinking fast

The poor stayed poor while the rich grew rich

The sick grew sicker and eventually

they died

The hungry stayed hungry and eventually

they died
The thirsty stayed thirsty

they died

You were everywhere in your secret agents and ruthless police
The people had no choice the people were faced with a choice
Die for the future or barely live in the present

Some came because they needed to had to have revolution

Some they came out some over the cover of darkness

Some they came out under the shadow of a bueracracy

Some came because they needed to had to have revolution
Some came because the world had stood by and watched as their children died by becoming just like them and they hated it

Watching the world as the world watched while their children remained illeterate staying there staying in the same place

they watched as they grew sicker because the rich afforded health care and thats it and with no doctors there was no hope

Their hope withered and died died died died died died died

The people the average people who saw what other countries were getting
and what they weren’t

It could just as easily be the 1700’s again

As they took to the streets dying for the future dying for their children

Faced mobs because they knew they were right and the masters of opression were wrong

Took to the streets and for some there was change

For some there was a stubborn old man determined to hold on to power

So he does the easiest thing he turns the guns on his own people

Its not like there lives were gonna get any better anyway

he had made sure of that he had made sure of that he had made sure of that

So they came out in the streets dying by the multitudes for their people

Here in America we have forgotten about how we came to be

Revolution, Liberty Bell, Fighting

We were not supposed to win the Contenintal Army was supposed to be defeated
but they won they had a desire for things to get better for things to change in their country

Sound familiar??

Sound like one and the same??

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