An Epic Tale

March 30, 2011
By likeaboss BRONZE, Iowa Falls, Iowa
likeaboss BRONZE, Iowa Falls, Iowa
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Four explorers gathered together,
A long time ago
A pirate, a knight, an inventor, a baron
To begin an epic quest.
They built themselves a powerful ship
To travel across the stars.
They left their home planet
Away from friends and family
To search the universe for a great power source.
One of the explorers, the rich, powerful baron
His mind began to wear away,
His sanity disappeared.
Determined to find the power, hunger the explorer was
However, the three others knew little of their friends treachery,
And continued on their way.

Years past, with little clues found,
The explorers were giving up, tired of their quest.
But alas! Their work would pay off.
They found a clue, deep in space.
To a cube-shaped planet, in an unknown galaxy
Lay a temple dedicated to the power.
Excited and fearful, the four explorers landed.

The explorers entered the temple
And found the powerful core of the temple.
It held the power
To create anything the person dreamed off.
A castle, a pirate ship, even a living dog.

However, the baron, corrupted in the mind
Created an large evil spider
To kill his three friends
What the baron didn’t expect, however
Was the spider to betray him

The spider attacked the baron
Pinned him to the floor
It dragged the baron into core
And everything changed.

The bright blue core
Flashed into a dark hue of violet
The power core now crooked and foul.
It turned on the three remaining explorers
And opened fire with brilliant lasers.

The explorers fought back
Dodging each blast of heat
The inventor built a plug
And contained the evil power.

The cube planet couldn’t contain
The twisted power
The planet shattered into a million chucks
The evil forming a maelstrom of chaos
In the middle of the destruction
However, the three explorers survived
On one of the planet chucks

However, the pure power proved hard to extinguish
As the explorers discovered there was a shard of power left.
They joined together with the baron’s assistant
A dark ninja sorceress, to create a powerful team
To combat the dreaded menace.

Speed into the future
Into the present day
Chaos continues to threaten
The universe everyday
However evil is at bay
For the team heroes and explorers
Were not left alone to fight the battle
Willing men and women from their own planet
Left their sacred home
To become heroes themselves
To save the Universe!

The author's comments:
This is based on a video game I like to play.

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