Revolving Doors

March 30, 2011
By lakerzfan3208 BRONZE, Stevensville, Michigan
lakerzfan3208 BRONZE, Stevensville, Michigan
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What is time? Nothing? But something that fills in the gaps?
The gaps between memories, days gone by and breaths that we take.
It seems to be a revolving door.
As seasons come and seasons go,
so do the moments that make the revolving door.
We find ourselves in the midst of emotions, some good and some bad.
Surrounded by different scenes, of people and of thoughts.
Sometimes we are happy and content in this little corner of the world,
The one that we share and take time to create.
The scenes come and go, each hopefully with a valuable lesson.
The people we love, we watch and wait like we do our children.
Waiting for those special moments,
The ones that create revolving doors.
As time fills the gaps, the people come and the people go,
The lessons are learned and emotions are changed,
Sometime they fill you up, or leave you lying on the floor; Breathless.
The time that makes a revolving door.

The author's comments:
This piece really let me get what I thought about time off my chest. I have been through times in life when an opportunity is missed, just like a revolving door may close just before you enter.

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