Without Strength

March 28, 2011
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I hear my breath,

as I leap towards home plate,

"I need to get home,” I say.

There is a slip of the ball

and I run as fast as I can to the base

the catcher is fast

she knocks me down

ball already in hand.

Dirt all over

in my mouth,

on my pants,

scratched in hands,

on my whole body,

as if I am a brown dust bunny.

Patiently, I wait, to hear the call

Instead I hear a faint snap

like a broken piece of plastic.

I search for the noise, "Where did it come from?"

All of a sudden,

and without any warning,

a feeling of pain shoots through my body,

as if I have been electrocuted,

and electricity raced through me.

I search for the pain,

like I am a predator finding its prey.

And land on my left leg,

a closer look,

my eyes are getting blurry,

I fall,

my leg is without strength.

I feel as if I'm about to faint,

my eyes are opening and closing,

not on demand,

I start to wonder what is happening.

Am I dead?

Did my leg fall off?

Is my body broken?

I hear voices rush over to me,

and my eyes open abruptly.

I am surrounded,

like a group of gossiping girls have rushed to tell me the latest news.

They’re trying to calm me down,

I just start crying,

calming down is not an option.

And then the shooting pain kicks in again,

I scream.

Eyes keep closing,

and I feel like I am about to drift off,

I whisper, "Why me, why me?"

An ambulance siren sounds.

My heart beats faster,

feels like it’s going to explode.

Happens all to quick,

don’t know what to expect.

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