A Lost Faith

March 29, 2011
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Crumbled ruins crashing at my feet;
Cinders, like snow, drifting through the air;
I dropped down to my battered knees
As piercing screams erupted everywhere.

Faceless people crumpled all around,
Missing limbs like scattered puzzle pieces;
A penance for our sins no doubt
For I could no longer feel His warming presence.

Searching for a glorious Heaven
I was greeted by a wretched sight,
The once blue skies were cloven
By Hell’s bright fires rising up with all its might.

With nothing left to do,
I brought my bloodied hands together
And begged for mercy with every weakening sinew
Until the devil enticed me with whispers of forever.

As God showed he did not care,
We countless dead controlled the streets;
Our cold and ashen bodies littered here and there;
Leaving behind not a single forgiving prayer.

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