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April 1, 2011
By the_recreational_spirit GOLD, Halifax, Other
the_recreational_spirit GOLD, Halifax, Other
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look at life with every angle
because the angle that you miss could be the one that changes your life

as i wait for someone to put some of their spare change in the sad excuse for a cup, that i have sitting on the sidewalk by my feet, I wonder how people can just walk right by me like im the trash that they throw on the ground whenever they feel like it.
I'm cold, my feet are cold, my whole body is cold. The flimsy clothes that i have on consist of the garbage clothes that someone threw out with their trash. I get yelled at when i go into someones trash can looking for food. All i'm doing is trying to survive with the salary that i have.
Trash cans are my grocery store. The only difference is that your grocery stores is a glorified version of ours, a rich version for the people that can afford it.
What about us we need food and shelter and a place to go. Yes there are places for us, but these places are so full that the others who can't find one with room, could die because of starvation or because of the cold.
if we as a people can see the potential of a plastic bottle to make a new purse or a new bumper for a car.
Why can't we see the potential in someone that lives on the street and tries to show people that they are not worthless.
people are people and all people should be treated the same way regardless of position of power, or how much money you make.
In my eyes all people are equal.

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