March 17, 2011
By danikal8092 GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
danikal8092 GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
"Forgive and forget, but don't forget why you're here."

You told me again and again
“ Stop” and “No”
Hold on for the pause
But I say, put it in fast forward
Turn the lights down a little longer
Nobody’s heading for the door
This party can’t start burning without a cause
Please someone clue me in before I go too fast
There’s a fire inside that, if extinguished
It still could really last
Is it so bad that I have passion?
And yet no complimentary satisfaction
I see the shining moments of all the passerby
But when I stop and stare in the mirror
Doubts grow deeper and it’s harder to persevere
When I start to slide off the edge
Of safe-guarded boundaries and comments almost left unsaid
Am I awakening still half-dead?
The heartbeat softer with the stilling sound
Agitation constantly abounds
Left questioning the rhythmic voice that rounds the corner
Underneath the silent mourner
There’s a new symphony just waiting.. to be found
I’m trapped inside a handful of cardboard boxes and paper lies
Just the ties of disposable personas just to improvise
Who is it that’s waiting to be unleashed?
Breaking down these fragile walls
Looking for a familiar face in that marquee
If being everything advertised and publicized
Is really all it’s cracked up to be
Why is it that some days, for a few moments in time..
It feels almost o.k. just to be me

The author's comments:
This piece talks about always feeling like there's someone or something like a standard that you always have to measure up to, and how you can defy that standard if you believe otherwise.

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