crazy hope

March 24, 2011
By Anonymous

i lie in bed and cry myself to sleep
do you even notice?
do you even care?

morning comes complete with
puffy pink scratchy eyes
avoiding blank expressionless stares

with idle meaningless small talk
between bites of the tasteless breakfast
that you insisted we need

fallowed by the clattering of dishes in the sink
as you walk out the door
just leaving, no curtesy goodbye phrase

i sink down to the floor and cry again
my nerves are shot from straining so hard
to catch the smallest hints, from trying to read

your mind. the rest of the day spent idely
cleaning and straghting the house
anticipating the time when you come home again.

we fight so often now
the days are not normal without it
to hope any different is insanity

i'd lie in bed and cry myself to sleep
did you even notice?
did you even care?

was it really so crazy to hope
that you would?

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