March 23, 2011
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I lay awake staring at the crevices on the wall,
It is night and the only sound protruding in the silence is my breathing.
A rush of time cannot fix what is broken,
For I am barely sewing together the pieces that once formed my heart;
It dies as I live to die, the memories and the faith carried on your shoulders.
We were friends, relatives, believers in dreams,
until death came and ripped us apart.
My happiness has drowned in the endless depictions of your life,
And never can I think of you without becoming empty within this vessel.
I keep thinking of this wooden box that keeps you away from me,
the only thing that keeps you company deep beyond sand,
and weeping palm trees.
Do you remember those stories? The games we used to play?
I want to go back to the days when we played cards,
and you accused me of cheating,
the times I could hear your voice,
and know that in ten numbers I could hear it again.
My face will never again radiate such a warming glow,
bring life to the lifeless or give a reason why I deserve to live,
when your kryptonite caused more pain than I can dare to recall.
You did everything to be able to make me laugh, hug me,
smile and be merry even though you were dying,
We never knew that soon you would have to kneel before Judgment Day.
Throughout your lungs and your brain did it spread,
they hooked you up to oxygen and I had to face seeing you like this.
You were my hero, so strong and valiant,
I never thought you would die and my heart would shatter in pain.
I hate that cancer slowly rocked you to sleep,
and I am near to graduate,
but from Heaven must you take your seat.
Never again to walk the Earth makes me stutter curses deep from within,
My Grandfather will never have the chance to say “Hello” again.
Because the cross, American Flag and etching on your grave,
I say farewell, good luck and hope we meet again some day.
I miss your laugh and the abundance of love you gave,
only the tears from loosing you continue to drop,
yet linger on my face.
In this I lay to rest my picturesque of you,
May you rest in peace.

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