March 10, 2011
By determineddreamer SILVER, Seattle, Washington
determineddreamer SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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Who am I? I'm not anyone!
Well anyone you see...
Maybe you see me but pretend not to
You there, are you someone?
No-then I guess I'm not alone in this horrid place
I thought I was a disgrace
But we together can be nobody!
How wonderful a feeling to be no one but someone to you
It's true, it makes all the difference
If they don't care we will
"Hello, is anyone there?" they'll ask.
"No, no one is here. Just us, and we choose to see even no one. Because no one is someone, even you should see that.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by Emily Dickinson's "I'M Nobody! Who are You?"

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