just your dream girl

March 28, 2011
By this_is_me BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
this_is_me BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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look around you and tell me what you see . now look at me and i will shine like the brightest star in the sky and dare any one to try and dim it !

my heart is shattering
i guess it don't matter
cause my name is bekka
I'm the strongest person you'll ever know
ill pick up the pieces
use my kiddy glue
and piece my heart back together
no one will ever know
that everything is horribly wrong
ill glue a fake smile
and wear those fake eyes
ill speak very little
since happiness is forced
but i guess it don't matter
cause my name is bekka
im the "fakest" person you'll ever know
but that's okay
cause I'm holding myself together
and everything will be fine
or so they say
as i push that pedal
rave up the engine
and disappear into the night
cause my name is bekka
and i was just your dream .

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