March 28, 2011
sometimes i feel at a lost
like i'm frozen in time
with no where to go
and all i want
is to run
these memories
are to much to handle
the love i feel is to much
filled with to many lies

sometimes i feel so confused
at what i am supposed to do
or even
i see everything around me
people tell me shush it
or itll be the end

sometimes my life makes no sense
like everything i do
is a big mistake
like everything i have become
was such a mistake
no one understands
no one can comprehend
the pain that has been caused
by all the lies told to my face

sometimes i just want to leave
not tell anyone where i have gone
to see if anyone would miss me
cause it seems to me
like no one would

sometimes i think about death
but i am to greedy with my life to leave
i am to selfish with my heart
to ever give it out to anyone

sometimes i wonder if i should tell you
that it was jsut a lie
and i hope you know
that i am actually
one hundred and five percent
fine :D

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