I'm Happy I'm in Love With You

March 26, 2011
Oh boy I love the way you make me laugh
But even more how you make me smile
You know that you're my better half
I wouldn't mind keeping you around for awhile

When you hug me tight
There's not a worry in my world
And it feels so right
To see your arms unfurled

I love your southern accent
And you're adorable face
We're stuck like rubber cement
You make my heart race

You say cute stuff
You make my heart skip a beat
Your muscles make you look tough
But you're really just so sweet

I can't believe you're mine
I'm lucky I found someone like you
You keep my heart in line
You make my personality shine through

I want you by my side forever
I need you to look up to
I'll go with you wherever
I'm happy I'm in love with you

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