Life After Death

March 23, 2011
By SceneRcoker BRONZE, Shelbyville, Indiana
SceneRcoker BRONZE, Shelbyville, Indiana
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As she looks down,
Down at his empty face
In the open casket
A single tear
Falls from her eye
It lands upon his cheek
A gem glistening in the light.
She reaches down as though to touch him
Then pulls back suddenly
As if she were shocked
She runs from the room frightened
Sobbing and shaking
The entire way

She runs down the street
Down the concrete hill
To the place
That was only known to them
It is like a parking garage
Except all empty and bare
She looks upon a surface
A dirty, almost empty wall
Where she sees the words
That is also
Carved into both of their arms
It reminds her of the pride
That came with the pain

This place holds many secrets
Many lies
Many passions
And many lusts
Many long nights
As well as
Many pints of blood

She walks around
Into a corner
And pulls out a blanket
That is hidden there
She thinks about all the unsung stories
That this blanket has witnessed
How many passions
And how many lusts
How many tears
And how many cuts.

She looks around
At the hollow place
Thinking of all the things
That happened here
Wondering how it could’ve come to this
Him lying in a coffin
And her reflecting on everything that happened

She screams over and over in her head
She screams out loud
Why couldn’t it have been me!?
Why is it that I’m the one alive!?
While his body gets to rot
Rot in the ground!?
It Isn’t Fair
It isn’t right
This is not how its supposed to be!

She paces around the room
Trying to calm herself down
As she walks
She looks down at her wrists
At the shiny, red lines across it
Another tear falls
And lands on a slice.
It looks like
A circular piece of glass
Atop a burgundy sliver of glass
She wipes away the tear
Then reaches into her pocket
She pulls out a thin blade from a razor
And slowly pushes it
Into her skin
She winces at the pain
But takes it
She thinks of something
So very real and so very true
She thinks about the pride from the pain

Scarlet blood starts to drip from her wrists
She starts to cry
The clear tears begin to mix
With the scarlet of her blood
It makes a very strange color
That cannot be described with words
But it is the color
Of a broken soul…

Again she wails out loud
Why would you leave me here
All alone
With all this terrible guilt??
Its my fault that your gone!!
All. My. Fault.
Between those three words
She sliced herself…

She could feel the blood
Pouring from her wrist
She to sob while muttering
My fault, all my fault
Over and over again
Please forgive me.. please

At those words
She dips her fingers
In her own fresh blood
And writes
On the wall
The words she was too afraid to say
“I Love You”
With that she takes the razor
Holds it to her throat
And slices…..

She opens her eyes
She is in a scarcely lit room
It looks like his house
She looks around
Then sees him
She sees him and smiles
Runs to his open arms
Then collapses into them

He talks to her
“Now we are together
You and I
Nothing shall separate us
Not even death”

That’s when it dawned on her
She looks down at her wrists
But she sees no marks.
No scars
No blood
She whispers slowly
“I am dead”

Slowly he nods his head
And whispers those words
Just like he did the night before he died,
“I Love You”
She looks up into his beautiful green eyes
And whispers
“I Love You”

Now they are together in Limbo
In a room that is only known to them
In a place that only they can reach
But they realize
Nothing can separate them now……

The author's comments:
This poem just means so much me. It just came to me one day. No planning or editing words have been done to it.

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