Time To Realize

March 25, 2011
By Ms_Shyness SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
Ms_Shyness SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Live life to the fullest because if yew dont it will past right by you

Tired of beingg used
tired of beingg lonely
tired of being depressed
tired of beingg unreal
tired of beingg unhappy
tired of doubting everything
tired of life all together
tired of everything
this world is nothing
its faker than the haters we have
its faker than the stupid drama
its faker than the air we breathe
its faker than you and me
its faker than reality </3
why cant it all be real
why cant it just go back to the way it was
why cant we all just be happy
why cant the world be perfect
why cant life be easy
why cant people just understand
well let me tell you why
it cant because nothing is real
it cant because there's nothing to go back to
we cant because no one is ever happy
not even if they claI'm they are
it cant because I'mperfections are human
it cant because with life beingg easy
nothing would be a good challenge
people cant because they are to scared to
its a fact that's be proven in the world
its never going to end
its never going to change
never has and never will
its reality no matter what you think
i have realized that its not how many things you do
or how many breaths you breathe
its not about winning or losing
its not about who looks the best
or how many people you have slept with
or even how many friend you do or don't have
its about your respect for yourself
and the respect you have for people
its about following your heart
and pursuing your dreams no matter hard it is
its about taking your tI'me to reach for the stars
its about...
its about that one thing that you care for the most
like the person your in love with
and that you wanna be with forever
that's what its all about
so take my advice and restart
like I'm trying to do
sure it will take a little longer than you want
but it will work for you one way or another
be you and not who people want you to be
its your life!
and when you step up on the that stage
to get your diploma
think back at your life
and all your dreams you've ever had
it think to yourself i did it
but when you do also think whats my plan
its amazing to lIve
to breathe your own way out of it
its up to your heart and your soul
the reality of it all isn't in other people
but its inside your heart
your dreams are were its at
trust me I'm going through it as we speak
I'm 13 and living the life of a 20 year old
yes i smoke,Ive drank, and Ive done stupid things
but nothing will change who i want to be
choose your path
not anyone else's path
so whats it gonna be?
the really stressful depressing life
or the life of opportunities
the choice is yours...
think about it.....

The author's comments:
I wrote this while sitting in my room. I realized that times are changing, and things are getting harder. We only live once, and we shouldn't pass it up for anything.

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