The Hunt

March 20, 2011
By tlitchman GOLD, New Canaan, Connecticut
tlitchman GOLD, New Canaan, Connecticut
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A large furry paw descends from above,
An ominous shadow eclipsing the world all around.
Frozen in fear, there is nowhere to go,
These last precious seconds a still-frame.

A lone bird chirps melodiously,
Oblivious to the imminent tragedy,
His cheerful song at odds
With the inherent fear and surging adrenaline.

The violent impact thunders,
Squashing all life, all hope, all dreams of the future.
The grass is flattened around the corpse,
A lonely yellow dandelion caught in the fray, an unintended victim.

A large mouth, with white, glistening fangs
Reaches down to claim its prize.
The hunter stalks away with its victim,
Traipsing to the woods to enjoy the kill.

And that is how my dog killed a baby bunny.

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