March 23, 2011
By SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
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The grayness of the sky
is simply making me sleepy
but i keep myself awake
trying to release my thoughts completely
But its been pretty hard
from the start
Been half sleep the entire day
atleast this day pays
its passing kinda quickly
my mind is starting to become sickly.
i feel like my creativity
isn't having a great delivery
at the moment
the comprehension of my surroundings
is coming slowly
thats unusual considering my attention to detail
guess my thoughts have been derailed
due to the gloomy sky
the kind of sky that is
responsible for suicides
it also has forced my excitement to subside
and i would greatly debate
that this day will not be a piece of cake
because this like the day of death
it'll keep taking from my soul
until there's nothing left.
its almost impossible that
the rest of the day will go right
so i'm giving up the fight
i'll let the boredom consume me
and my soul will be black as night

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