Time Passes

March 23, 2011
Everything is colored blue
Blue is the water where my conscience drowns;
Cold are the memories of robin’s egg days, as
I try to warm them with futile flames.

As corpses rot
The pendulum slows down, and we are left alone with
Far too many cerulean seconds; the Devil
Never had much time for sinners.

As marble crumbles
Angels weep sapphires in heaven
Sending deep blue rain into jaded memories
And I can’t help but think of cream-colored summers.

As souls age into eternity
Fresh teal waters all but evaporate
Leaving blue-black scum on the riverbed
Inches of sludge clog what remains of the waterway.

So as we soar
Over turquoise fields and pastures
Every sky blue rumination
Will be swept away into the storm clouds we wrought yesterday.

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